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Scottish Law Compliant Interlinked Smoke & Heat Alarms

InterAlarms - Scottish Law Compliant Smoke & Heat Alarms
The law in Scotland changed on 1st February 2022.
It is now a legal requirement that every home in Scotland must be fitted with interlinked smoke & heat alarms.
Our fully installed packages start from only £99
  • What is Required?
  • Scottish Law Compliant Interlinked Smoke & Heat Alarms Must Be Fitted In Every Home In Scotland
InterAlarms Interlinked Smoke Alarm
One smoke alarm in the living room.
One Smoke alarm on each landing or hallway.
One Smoke alarm in a loft or garage conversion.
InterAlarms Interlinked Heat Alarm
Every kitchen requires a heat alarm.
InterAlarms Interlinked Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Every room with a gas fire or boiler, or other fuel burning appliance, or a flue requires a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Specification
All heat & smoke alarms must be fitted with a 10year tamperproof battery and must be interlinked so that if one alarm is triggered then all alarms will trigger.
The carbon-monoxide detector does not need to be interlinked with the other alarms.
  • Who is Responsible?
If you are a home-owner or a landlord, then you are responsible.
If you rent and have a landlord, then your landlord is responsible.

Fully Installed Packaged

Fully installed packages are installed at your home by one of our engineers.
All alarms will be linked, fitted and tested. You will receive an installation report for your records.
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Additional alarms are available for larger homes. A Test/Hush remote control is also available.

D-I-Y Packages

All D-I-Y Packages are pre-linked & tested prior to being posted to your home.
Postage is FREE and you will receive your package within 2-3 days.
All kits will include installation instructions and details of where the alarms should be fitted.


Need additional alarms or our handy Test/Hush remote control.
All additional alarms and remote controls will be linked to any packages ordered at the same time.

  • Additional
    Heat Alarm
  • InterAlarms Interlinked Heat Alarm
  • £26.99
    Pre-Linked to any Package
  • Additional
    Smoke Alarm
  • InterAlarms Interlinked Smoke Alarm
  • £26.99
    Pre-Linked to any Package
  • Additional
    CO Monitor
  • InterAlarms Interlinked Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • £36.99
    Pre-Linked to any Package
  • Test/Hush
    Remote Control
  • InterAlarms Interlinked Test&Hush Remote Control
  • £16.99
    Pre-Linked to any Package


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InterAlarms - Scottish Law Compliant Interlinked Smoke & Heat Alarms
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